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The following links provide information about products, services, organizations, complimentary healing techniques, health, and spiritual healing and related topics to avail you of what I've found most useful to me, my clients, friends, and colleagues. I encourage you to explore with an open mind and heart;
something here may profoundly affect your life! If you are looking for something specific you don't see here please contact me directly and I will do my best to provide it for you.

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LifeWave Energy Patches
Energy Devices I have been endorsing for more than 8 years for improvements in strength, stamina, clarity, pain, sleep, stress, and peak health.

Bruno Groening
Find out more about this amazing healer and spiritual teacher that changed the lives of thousands and continues to inspire miraculous healings all over the world that are medically documented.

Emotional Freedom TechniquesTM
Gary Craig's updated original EFT website provides access to his entire compendium of articles and resources about EFT, including his incredible 6 minute intro video.

Dawson Church's EFT website offers free EFT manuals, extensive access to EFT training materials, and his own video presentations explaining about EFT. Also provides access to the best collection of EFT related books available.

Emotional Freedom Meetup
Steve's Emotional Freedom Meetup Group offers a variety of educational and healing events that are open to the public. Also provides access to a growing list of articles and resources to help you better understand how to use EFT and about the nature of mind and emotions. Click here to download a PDF copy of my 2 page EFT Basic Recipe Primer. This is all you really need to get started.

EFT for Emotional Freedom Facebook Page
Steve's Emotional Freedom Facebook Page offers a variety of educational video presentations and blog posts about the nature of healing, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, consciousness, spirituality and related subjects.  

Empower Your True Self YouTube Channel
Place to go to see videos about me, the work I do, and the work of others I endorse that are doing similar work.

Places to go to find out about Energy Psychology as it applies to Peak Performance training, especially the Mental Game of Golf. Click here to find specific articles about the mental nature of golf.

Gene Krackehl LLC The Amazing HealerTM
Gene's website offers so much wise information that compliments everything I do as a healer. I especially recommend reading what he says about accepting outcomes. He also has wonderful books, CD's, and workshop programs that help you better take your own healing journey.

Veterans Stress Project
Compelling stories of Veterans with PTSD who receive help with Energy Psychology. Please share with anyone you know who may be suffering this way. Volunteers are available to provide low cost or free EFT sessions for Vets.

Tom Tam/Tong Ren Therapy
Tom Tam is a brilliant healer, writer, and teacher of bio-energetic healing techniques, primarily acupuncture with proven efficacy treating serious illness where conventional medicine offers no cure. Click here to read about Tong Ren. Click here to read about the role of bioelectricity in treating cancer. Click here to find free online healing sessions.  

You Can Thrive Foundation

Offers free holistic health care services to breast cancer patients. Click here to see their remarkable story and menu of services. 

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