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I feel blessed to have so many wonderful testimonials to share with you. Here are but a few. I hope you may be inspired by something you read here to have the confidence and faith that the help you seek is available for you too. With great gratitude and appreciation for all who have come to me and given me the privilege to know them.....  Steve
Steve, thanks for working with me. You clearly freed me up in an area that was closed off to me. I guess the best way to describe it was that I was carrying around some unnecessary inhibition which was eliminated via the process that you took me through. Super work! Thanks again for your highly intuitive and accurate readings and execution.
- Paul - 

I was in the midst of a very difficult and chaotic time in my life. The work I did with Steve helped me to keep my wits about me and propelled my onto my own healing and spiritual journey. Steve has amazing intuition and a very gentle and reassuring manner.

                           - M.N. -

I really thought I would have to resort to go to a shrink for 5 years to get my issues sorted out. It's amazing to me that we can do this work (over the phone no less!) and I can see the results so quickly. Thank you so much.

                           - Erika S. - 

Your unique blend of energy work, muscle testing/EFT, live sound healing and Kaballah were wonderful!!! After getting off the table I immediately felt lots better than I had been feeling and I'm expecting it to get better as the day wears on. It's onward and upward once again. You are a true Master in every sense.

                     - Gene Krackehl,

Author: You Are The Healer: Discover Your Miraculous Potential to Heal Yourself & Others -

I am a student of many spiritual traditions that have left me still searching; and, yet, the work I do with Steve goes straight to the core issue & engages with one's higher knowing so that deep spiritual truths are experienced from their roots & lived with profound understanding.

                                        - ERT -

Our sessions really mean so much to me... every single one of them has relieved an important difficulty for the long term!  I love EFT, but I know that you bring so much more than just EFT to the table.  You are a magnificent intuitive healer, & I'm truly blessed to have you in my life.

You're the greatest Steve, Thanks!

                          - Cindy - 

Steve, your session was so wonderful..  I feel completely reinvigorated. There were obviously some powerful energetic shifts because ever since I’ve been like a mini-tornado and the feeling of helplessness has disappeared!

                           - Elenor - 

For whatever reason, I find that working with you, amazingly, the changes happen so quickly & astoundingly. The stuck becomes unstuck. The difficulties get turned right side up. The veil is lifted & I have the capacity to see the "what is" with renewed strength. I can exhale & breathe again after holding my breath for a long time.
                                          - Dr. E. R. Topel, PhD. -

After my work with you it is as if things that have been stuck are pried loss (loose) & the energy begins to flow in ways that I could not have imagined beforehand; that my life moves forward in a positive way; that things I want, things I do not even know I want, new opportunities, peace, happiness & one big smile, after much sadness, welcomes me. 
All this movement & renewal shows me that my life includes more wonderful possibilities than I could imagine.

                                          - Ellen -

I’m so relaxed and calm now, so much lighter, standing straighter, muscles relaxed…  I don’t even know how to put it into words. I feel tremendous relief. Thank you so much!
                               - Carrie -

Steve has a refreshingly honest approach to his energy work. He claims little credit for his work, but has obviously become a clear channel, by being open, agenda free, and completely present. I felt totally secure in his highly skilled and intuitively directed hands. In a very short time he helped me get out from under a burden that had been plaguing me for months. I am so grateful and highly recommend him.

                               - Sali -


Steve, I just want to thank you profusely. You changed my life... brought me back to myself. Indredible!    
Nathaniel -

Steven, I just had to call and thank you and tell you that your work was really amazing. I slept peacefully through the night with good dreams and I hadn’t slept in 3 or 4 days. My husband even said I laughed twice in my sleep and we cannot remember the last time I did that!    
 C.J. -

I recently had the privilege of having a session with Steve Gottlieb, and I found him to be immensely intuitive, intelligent, wise and sensitive. His work seemed effortless and fluent; clearly passionate about what he does, Steve has an unerring instinct for getting to the core issues, and his work, drawn from a variety of modalities and considerable experience, is very powerful. I came away from the session having released limiting beliefs I didn't realize I had.
                                       - Karen -

Thank you for the healing work you did for me. Wow!, Wow!, Really Wow! I feel great!

                              - Ganga -


Steve, I want you to know how grateful I am. A lot has gotten better. Whatever you did jump started me into some kind of new position in life. I’ve been feeling different... more calm and hopeful.   
                    - Arly -


Steven has provided an amazing answer for a long standing problem I've had with a chronic bad back that leaves me limping with pain in my hip and leg. For nearly 30 years I have tried chiropractic, massage, accupuncture, myofacial-release, energy work, and traditional medical pain management, and all have been non-effective. By the end of the next day I stopped limping. The day after I was barely aware of any pain, and this continues to be so. I am now considering those dance lessons.
                     - Erica -

I am feeling much better. The energy you have is incredible.

                                - Marie -

Your ‘Skiing In The Zone’ workshop exceeded all our expectations. We are all running around newly energized and the rest of the company is wondering what in the world happened in there.

                                - Beverly -

Thank you so much, Steve, for all your healing help for my daughter (24) and mother (82). The day after you met with my mother she told me she felt significantly better and attributed it to the clearing she felt of many obstacles. Not only did her lethargy and pain subside, but she also felt more together in her thinking process despite her Parkinsons. Your visit was a turning point for her. For my daughter, you helped to bring her out of her major emotional upsets and gave her some tools for calming herself. I was also awed by the physcic connection as I observed you speaking about a woman who amazingly showed up and became my daughter's good friend. 
                                Frank  -


I have struggled for a long time to build my business and balance my life and relationships with other people and family members.  I tried many things  including therapy, life and business coaching and other EFT practitioners at great effort and expense.  Nothing has approached the results that I have gotten with Steve!  He has an amazing ability to discern what I need and the skills to help me achieve it.  A recent session helped me to see where I was having unrealistic expectations of people and how the energetics of that was impacting my relationships as well as my business.  After discussing it, Steve used EFT to help me to make the shifts that were necessary.  Within days I began to notice that my attitude toward friends, family members, acquaintances and clients had shifted and this, in turn, caused a shift in their response to me.  This has impacted my life and my business in very positive ways such as better relationships and how I approach my business. I am excited to be having more success and tremendous potential to take my business to new levels!

Thank you Steve for your amazing gifts, your patience and kindness!  I look forward to additional progress as we  continue to work together on the project of a more energetically and emotionally balanced me.”

                                 - E.H. -


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