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 Intuitive Readings

Remarkable channels of intuitive guidance are available from spiritual realms. Steven's process for providing readings is to listen to what you have to say and respond with insights provided by Intuition. Often an image is perceived or an 'urging' is felt and heard to relay a specific question or statement related to your issue of concern. This opens for deeper conversation and more insight until a core truth is revealed. Your own inner knowing acknowledges this truth. This can be very assuring and healing may spontaneously be activated.
Readings may be standalone sessions although typically Steve integrates intuitive readings with his Energetic Re- Scripting ProcessTM and Energy Healing. This way the insights received form a basis for corrective energy work that puts you in a better place for happiness, success, and healing to occur. Throughout the session, Steve is using his hands as a form of Kinesiology to verify that the insights he shares remain true for you, as opposed to fantasies of the intellectual mind. This lends an additional authority and certainty that the reading has important relevance for you. 

Intuitive Readings are offered as :30 and :60 minute private consultations in person or via telephone or Skype.

 Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a system of techniques that combine intuition, intention, and action directed to correct and realign imbalances in your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic (spiritual) being by opening a powerful channel for spiritual healing energies to flow.

These techniques activate subtle energy balancing actions which release trapped energies caused by trauma and other stressful memories still held in the body. Energy Healing catalyzes the body's innate ability to restore homeostasis - the ideal state of wholeness and well being where healing occurs naturally.  Many people notice remarkable relief immediately. This work is like Reiki, Quantum Healing, Cranial/Sacral therapy, and other forms of energy healing, although Steve's methods use a free form of spiritual healing and is not limited to any particular method or technique.
Intuitive healing sessions are by nature unique each time for every person. Much of this work is done on the healing table, although because energetic work is a 'non-local' phenomenon, it can be accomplished long distance as would be in a live telephone session or at another time and place. Because of the nature of 'information' that can be accessed from spiritual realms, intuitive healing sessions are intended to bring about core levels of healing in all aspects of our lives. They are often very profound, deeply moving, and revealing.

Energy Healing Sessions will also include specialized techniques which may include Kinesiology, EFT, Chakra and Kabbalistic Healing, Divine Healing, and Sound Healing.


Kinesiology is a technique of using muscle response testing to obtain specific information used in the healing sessions, and validates the effectiveness of the healing. Through Kinesiology, virtually any energy imbalances that need to be addressed can be identified simply by 'asking the right questions' with positive intention. Information about 'life issues' that are relevant to the healing process may be instantly uncovered with confidence. This is an extension of the work originally developed by George Goodheart, expounded by John Diamond, and made universal by David Hawkins.

Steven has developed the skill of surrogate muscle testing where he uses his hands rather than needing to actually test the subject person directly. This skill is applied with remarkable speed and directness whether working in person or remotely. This allows for the his intuition to be fully available for instant guidance throughout all Steven's various techniques and methods. This way, kinesiology and intuition work hand in hand to direct the healing process to achieve the most effective results, often with instant results.

Kinesiology is used throughout Steven's Intuitive Readings and Healing Sessions and forms a basis for identifying energectic blocks (psychological reversals) that are key to his Energetic Rescripting ProcessTM (ERP) used in all of his work as a Personal Empowerment Coach. 

Many people call Steve to simply ask him to use his Kinesiology skills to help them confirm important questions of concern about health, relationships, career, and spiritual direction. 

 Emotional Freedom TechniquesTM (EFT)

EFT is an amazing healing method that quickly and effectively  eliminates virtually any negative emotions, addictive urges, phobias, traumas, and their resultant physical and mental issues that keep you from enjoying a greater life experience.

EFT is a form of energy psychology that corrects disruptions in the body's energy pathways that are the actual root cause of these issues. This involves tapping on the body in specific patterns and using spoken phrases that focus on the issue being addressed. The tapping modulates energy and facilitates a healing much like acupuncture affects balance and movement of Chi, the life force energy, though the body's energy meridian system.

This remarkable method is being universally hailed as a potential remedy for nearly any ailment, thanks to the pioneering clinical work of Roger Callahan and particularly Gary Craig who formulated and promoted EFT for the entire world to have access to.

Steven has been masterfully integrating EFT with his intuitive healing sessions since 2001. Much of his Energetic Empowerment work is based on adaptations of this technique combined with intuition and kinesiology. Steven leads training workshops and support groups founded on these methods. more info..

 Chakra and Kabbalistic Healing

Much like core level energy disruptions that are modulated through the meridian system, our core life issues resonate in our spiritual energy centers and can be balanced with simple energetic techniques. The 7 primary Chakras are energy centers associated with our major nervous system plexuses located from the top of our head to the base of the spine. The Kabbalistic 'Tree of Life' defines 10 'Sephirot' which are energy centers that relate to our different aspects of our ideal Human model. These systems may be thought of as integrated and all of these must be balanced for us to heal and operate as complete personalities.
Distortions in these centers 'show up' when we do energy healing work so we can detect them energetically and resolve them in the order they reveal themselves. This is facilitated by Steven's hand movements and checked with kinesiology, either with the client sitting or lying on a healing table, or remotely. 

Chakra and Kabbalistic Healing processes are included in all of Steve's Intuitive Healing Sessions as Spirit dictates.

 Divine Healing

Divine Healing is the intentional involvement of assitance from Spiritual realms to provide energetic healing on the deepest of levels. In this regard, Steven acts as a physical go-between to direct healing energies as Spirit dictates. Spirit is able to know precisely what is needed and appropriate to compliment the work that is consciously being performed in the healing session.

Steven has been given an activation that allows a direct method of channeling healing energies to flow through his hands. This activation is supposed to have come from the lineage of Masters of which Jesus was part.

 Sound Healing

Sound Healing is an ancient practice that uses sound produced by instruments, voice, drums, Tibetean bowls, gongs, bells and chimes. More recent tools include an array of crystal bowls, tuning forks, and specialized sound recordings. Sound healing can be very important to help move and reorganize the energies of our bodies at the cellular level. The science of Cymatics proves that sound influences matter, often with remarkable implications for understanding the inherent sacred geometry which is the basis for all natural life.

Steve's sound healing work primarily uses intuitive vocal toning and targeted hard sound production intented to clear energy blocks and restore natural energy states. Steven will also use intuitively directed sound played through his vintage soprano saxophone to correct energtic distorions held in the body from trauma and emotional stress. This sound may be a single tone directed at a specific body area, or a series of tones intended to heal the nervous system. Often the series of tones will come through as an intuitively guided musical improvization that will seem to listener as a personal healing song.  

 Peak Performance Training and Specialized Body/Mind Workshops

There is an art and science to altering one's state of being at will in order to perform at our best in the face of any challenging situation. Athletes and Performing Artists are particulary familiar with the experience of being "in the Zone", an ideal experience of flow and balance where we naturally perform at our best. We provide individualized programs designed to help you achieve greater levels of personal performance, confidence, reduced stress, and overall improvements in your mental focus, creativity, and well-being. 

A variety of specialized Body/Mind techniques are introduced and used as appropriate to compliment the core training programs. Energy healing, lifestyle advice, and spiritual coaching is also provided in a sound and loving way to help you achieve your personal goals.  

 Skiing "In The Zone" Personal Performance Workshops

Skiing "In The Zone" was created as a dynamic program to give participants direct experiences of 'Peak Performance' mind/body states where we naturally perform with ease, grace, balance and flow. The goal is to connect to the JOY that arises from these experiences and learn how to live from that place more consistently. Workshops are infused with energy and fun!

The program demonstrates how the quality of our consciousness affects our life experiences. Practical applications of various mind/body development practices such as mindfulness, breathwork, creative visualization, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) are integrated to produce profound shifts in personal peak performance states that are chosen on demand. Participants are also taught Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) which helps to reduce stress and improve performance in any aspect of our life. The ultimate goal is to infuse participants with excitement and passion that comes from their own actual peak performance experience, and to 'anchor in' those states so it is repeatable by choice.

Skiing "In The Zone" reflects the metaphors of downhill skiing which relate to moving with balance and flow, as well as developing awareness of the distractions that create stress and detract from ideal performance (on snow and all aspects of our life). These concepts are universal and the program may be adapted for any sport and for corporate programs.

Programs include private and group coaching sessions, Peak Performance Workshops, Classes and Seminars. Experienced skiers who desire greater and more consistent precision, freedom, and excitement can achieve new levels of performance through a series of integrated indoor and on-snow clinics. All participants (non skiers alike) benefit by learning to handle challenging life issues with increased confidence, ease, and success in our specialized indoor clinics.

(Steven is a PSIA Level III certified Ski Instructor and Peak Performance Coach and has been providing mind/body skill development lessons and workshops for more than twenty five years.)

 "Golf Empowerment Zone" Personal Coaching and Workshop Programs for the 'Mental Game'

What you think and how you feel affects your golf performance. When you are upset, anxious, or distracted by negative thoughts, your concentration is compromised. When you are relaxed and confident, playing well seems easy and natural. Our Golf Empowerment programs helps you accomplish this. However there are specific stress factors that can interfere with your ability to consistently play your best game, much of which are unconscious. Golf Empowerment Zone identifies and corrects these factors and this why our program is so unique and effective compared to traditional sports performance and sports psychology programs.

The hallmark of Golf Empwerment Zone is Steve's remarkable Energetic Rescripting Process (ERP*). ERP is a system of techniques that borrows from the latest discoveries in a new field of Body/Mind performance training called Energy Psychology. Using ERP we can identify the nature of unconscious psychological and emotional blocks that keep you from playing your best more often. ERP deactivates these blocks so they no longer interfere with your performance so you can naturally play more in the zone. This is distinctly different from traditional sports psychology approaches because with ERP we are actually changing your physiological response to stress from challenging situations, limiting thoughts and beliefs, and negative emotions, letting you play automatically with more confidence and ease.

Golf Empowerment Zone programs incorporate ERP with traditional Energy Psychology (EFT) along with additional Body/Mind coaching techniques for peak performance training. However, based on years of successful practice we can confidently say that ERP is better able to quickly and easily improve your performance than any other conventional training for the 'mental game'. We can virtually guarantee you will play better golf!

Programs include private and group coaching sessions, Golf Success workshops and classes, and personal consultations. Complemtary introductory seminars are available on request.

(*Energy Rescripting Process combines various aspects of Energy Psychology, Kinesiology, and Intuition into a simplified system that energetically empowers you to perform better in any aspect of life. Golf Empowerment Zone and ERP are trademarked processes that identify the exclusive coaching activities and programs of Steven Gottlieb, developer of these techniques and programs.)

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