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About Steve Gottlieb

Steven is a gifted intuitive healer and personal performance coach who empowers people to transform the most important aspects of their lives for the better. His healing work integrates a variety of techniques including Applied Kinesiology, Spiritual Healing, Energy Balancing, and Energy Psychology (EFT), all of which are guided by higher intelligence through his sessions. Clients often report feelings of tremendous relief almost immediately. His intuitive insights provide deep levels of wisdom about life circumstances that may have never before been fully understood. Blocks to happiness and success are revealed and released.

This work is predicated on the understanding that virtually all forms of difficulties have their basis in energetic imbalances caused by stress and trauma that result in negative emotions and mindsets, dis-ease states, and other undesirable circumstances. He offers his clients simple yet profoundly effective solutions that resolve these imbalances at their core level.

Steve's path as an Intuitive Healer evolved from his own personal journey of Spiritual Discovery. This led him to train extensively with world renowned energy healers, naturopathic doctors, spiritual teachers, and metaphysical practitioners.

He is qualified to work as an Intuitive Consultant, Certified Natural Health Professional, Personal Performance Coach, Master Hypnotist and NLP practitioner, and Spiritual Counselor, and is a specialist in the emerging fields of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine. 

Steven is also a passionate teacher and speaker and is most noted for his energy and enthusiasm for helping people realize their own personal abilities to perform at peak performance states. He developed and conducts 'SKIING IN THE ZONE' empowerment workshops based on more than twenty years experience integrating various mind/body focused practices and his own pursuit of excellence as a downhill skier and instructor.

Steven teaches empowerment workshops based on his energetic techniques to Golf Enthusiasts, performing artists, and continuing education programs, and offers stress reduction programs for corporate wellness programs.

Steve is also a skilled musician who offers spiritual healing through the integration of intuitively channeled healing music and specific use of tones for energetic balancing.

Prior to his life as a spiritual healing practitioner Steven had an extensive career as an engineer, management consultant, sales executive, film and video technologist, and personal insurance specialist. He still actively helps people to protect and preserve their assets and to make the best health care choices as a Long-term Care and Medicare specialist.

He also plays a mean sax!

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Steve speaks about his work on the AGELESS program
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