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My name is STEVEN GOTTLIEB. I am fortunate to have discovered my intuitive gifts and I offer these to you with healing and love. For those who are seeking help resolving their most troubling life issues please know that these issues can be honestly resolved, sometimes 'instantly' and profoundly with intuitive energy work.

Using the wisdom of intuition, and with energetic testing, we can identify the true source (core level) of the energetic disruptions (blocks) that are at the actual root of these issues. Often these show up as links to unconsciously held false beliefs and emotional traumas that need releasing.

Using s
imple energy release processes like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Chakra Balancing, we can restore energetic balance and allow healing to occur.  This work may be integrated with spiritual counseling and empowerment coaching so your healing and transformation can occur at the deepest levels of your being. 

Essentially, any issue and anyone can be helped, as long as your heart is open to healing and your soul is willing.

My approach to this work is from a spiritual perspective with a completely grounded practical application of proven methods. Intuition guides the process which may be unique for everyone. My belief is that those who find their way to me are 'guided' by their own 'higher self', and from that realm information is provided that dictates how the healing sessions are run. Your desires and goals take on their truest expression and potential. I developed a technique called Energetic Rescripting ProcessTM (ERP) as a way to simplify this work so it can be immedialtely effective for anyone.

Using Applied Kinesiology, we validate that a shift has taken place energetically that aligns you with your true empowered self. This may take form as a lifting of burdening emotions, a dramatic positive shift in a circumstance of life events, disappearance of a physical pain or limitation, or a renewed sense of spiritual connection. This may also lead to experiencing less stress and enjoying more spontaneous moments of peak performance states commonly referred to as being 'In The Zone'

I invite you to contact me to discuss how this work may apply to your personal situation. I see clients in private sessions in Westchester County, NY. I also encourage telephone sessions, and some of my most remarkable results have been with clients I've never personally seen. Similar to how prayer works, intuitive healing has no restrictions of time and space. Via telephone and Skype, we can work together any time and anywhere.

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